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Graphic Connections of course will stand behind their products and will replace any defective or misprinted item.   Be advised that once the design and printing locations in the final draft have been approved by you, Graphic Connections is NOT responsible for any errors in spelling, information or design flaws.     Make sure to check over the design for errors in spelling, printing locations and design before signing off on the approval.


How should I print the items?

That is entirely up to you. Be advised that the more colors you have in the design or more locations on the items you print will raise the price. Our sales team can help you come up with the perfect combination to stay within your budget. Give them a call at 315-789-2762

What does it cost?

As stated above, the price of the objects will depend upon many factors. What the item is, dark items cost a bit more then light ones, total number of pieces in the order, the number of different printing locations and colors in the design are some of the main ones. Give us a call with the details and we will walk you through it.


Do I have to order a minimum in each size?

Absolutely not. We have a 12 piece minimum and that's it. You can order any number per size and even mix items to reach the 12 pieces. We do ask that you keep the ink colors in the design the same so choose items colors that will work with the colors in the design.



Can I use artwork off of the internet?

Generally no. First of all most artwork on the internet belongs to someone else and is copyrighted. Secondly, even if you own the rights, artwork on the internet is small low resolution art and gets very blurry when you blow it up. If you do own the art you can email it to us and we can see what we can do about re-creating it for a clean look on your items.

Secure Ordering

& Payment Options

Orders may be paid for by using any major credit card,  Paypal or by cash or check. All orders are secure and safe.



​How do I

place an order?

Ordering is easy once we know how you want your items printed. We believe the best way to do it is either face to face, or over the phone ( yes, we have REAL people to talk too).  The first step is to decide what items you want printed, and then just how you want them printed. You can select your items and get a quote from our vast online catalog by clicking here. 

What is the minimum size


Graphic Connections has a low 12 piece minimum order. You can mix  items, colors, sizes and styles to reach the minimum. We do ask that the inks colors in the design remain the same on all items so choose item colors that will work with the design.